Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Guy P. Coburn has extensive experience in a wide range of business litigation matters.Most of these involve contract disputes or business torts, and often involve the underlying issue of collection of an amount owed.

Commercial Litigation cases can involve issues such as:

·Disputes between companies regarding each company’s duties under a contract when something unexpected happens.

·Enforcement of a contract or the entitlement to damages (money) when one company has defaulted on the terms of the contract.

·Disputes between a provider of goods or services and its customer when the customer claims that the goods were defective or the services were not provided properly.

·Questions of which party is responsible when a problem arises in a business transaction.

·Unfair competition or Deceptive Trade Practices.

·The use of corporations, partnerships, limited Partnerships or Limited Liability Companies to protect assets from creditors.

·Personal guarantees on a bank loan.

·“Business Torts” such as negligence, intentional interference with business relationships or contracts.

Business Law can encompass a huge number of issues.  Mr. Coburn has a wide range of experience in a variety of business law issues.  Even if his experience does not provide you with the information you need, he may be able to refer you to someone who has the information you need.  Guy P. Coburn was the Chair of the Business Law Section for the St. Petersburg Bar Association for 2009-2012.