Representing Creditors in the enforcement and collection of valid debts owed by both commercial and consumer Debtors.

Does someone owe you money? Has that person or company ignored your demands to get paid? Guy P. Coburn offers proven legal collection services with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Coburn provides legal collection services on a contingent or hourly basis.

The three core questions in a collections case are simple.  1) Does someone, whether it is a company or an individual, owe you money?  2) If so, how much money is owed?  3) Does the person or business entity who owes the money have the assets or ability to pay the money owed?

The issue of whether money is owed is the issue of liability, and the issue of how much is damages.  In many cases these issues are simple, such as when there is a promissory note or other document clearly establishing that some amount is owed and how much.  In some collection cases, these issues can be difficult.  The debtor may deny that he or she owes the money for a variety of reasons, or the debtor may claim that a different amount is owed, requiring a detailed analysis of facts to determine the amount owed.

The third issue, collectability, is often the most difficult. Sometimes the debtor cannot be located. Often the debtor claims that there is no money available to pay your debt.  Florida Law provides many protections to Individuals which may make it difficult or impossible to force payment.  Corporate entities are often used or created to limit the liability of the owners.  In some cases, the person or entity who owes the debt has tried to hide assets, transfer them away or otherwise make it difficult or impossible to force payment of the debt.

Guy P. Coburn can collect your money if the collection is legally possible and economically feasible.  He will handle the collection matter from sending out an initial demand letter to enforcing the Final Judgment.  He will keep you advised of the status of your collections case, and work with you to make the decisions needed to enforce the debt.  Guy P. Coburn provides this service on an hourly fee basis, where you pay a standard hourly attorney fee for the time involved in the collection matter.  Mr. Coburn will also accept some collection matters on a contingency fee, where you will only pay the costs incurred and Mr. Coburn will receive a percentage of the money collected when it is collected.  In some cases, Mr. Coburn will also handle collection cases on a combined fee basis, where there is a reduced hourly fee and a contingent percentage.

Helping Business to avoid collections:  Mr. Coburn can also assist a business with its contracts and systems which will make it easier to collect debts in the future.  He can help your business revise your contract with customers to make it easier to enforce the contract and get payment.  He can help you understand the legal exemptions in Florida and the legal process to help you avoid customers who are less likely to pay, so that you can seek payment in advance or avoid difficult customers.  With over twenty-seven years of collections experience, Mr. Coburn can help you analyze and improve your ways of getting paid.

As an attorney who handles collection matters, Mr. Coburn must comply with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for Consumer Collections.