Real Property Litigation

Guy P. Coburn has experience in a number of Real Property areas.  These include:

· Landlord/Tenant, representing Landlords who are seeking to terminate a lease for failure to make payments, end of the lease or disruptive behavior.

· Landlord/Tenant, representing Tenants who have Landlords who are failing to comply with their obligations under the lease.

· Community Association Law –Cooperative Associations ("Co-ops"), Homeowner’s Associations ("HOAs") and Condominium Associations – representing the Association itself or any member of the association regarding disputes about assessments or other issues that arise in these Associations.

· Litigation over real property disputes including breach of sales contracts, violations of guarantees or warrantees, fraud in the sale, etc.

· Issues involving the effect of a judgment lien on real property.

· How to exempt your homestead from a judgment lien, so you can sell your home and buy another.  If you or your spouse have a judgment against you, you can avoid the judgment lien to sell or re-finance your home if it is your homestead.